The Transfer Events
2019-03-01 09:19:41

1. General Transfer

For players who are willing to transfer to the game "Dragon Awaken",  can receive an Exclusive package (each account ID can be received by only once).

Exclusive package: Material Pack*50, Diamond*500, Mount Stone*100, Huge Dust Bottle*2, Adv. EXP Scroll*10


2. Recharge point transfer rules

If you have recharged in "OZ" during the period of 2019/1/1-2019/3/5, you can transfer the game currency (recharge during this period) from OZ to DA by only once.



Please submit the application (in the form described below) to OZ support before March 26th (CST) to claim for the package and the recharge points.

Once you participate in the transfer event, it is considered an approval of the transfer plan; If you do not participate in the event within the aforementioned period, you are deemed to have waived your rights automatically.

The Exclusive package and the recharge points will be mailed to the role of the server you applied in DA. And the account ID of OZ and DA must be the same.

You can mark the total amount of your recharge (during 2019/1/1-2019/3/5 in OZ). The number of diamonds received in game is based on the data recorded by our system.


The form of application:

Your account ID (email address registered) :

OZ role name and server:

DA role name and server:

Recharge : Yes or No


Application submission address: