2018-04-04 09:43:07

Items not needed (Equipments, Skills etc.) can be smelted.



1.Click “Recycle” in the Bag interface to open the smelt system.

2.Select the Equipment or Items you want to Recycle and click “One-click Recycle”.

3.You can receive Recycle Values from Recycling. Recycle Values can be used to upgrade Smelt. Smelt can boost the character’s Stats when upgrading.

4.Recycle Enchanted Equipment to get Enchanting Stones; Recycle Epic Equipment to get Orange Crystals; Recycle Skills to get Skill Shards; Recycle Sacred Parts to get Refining Stones.

5.VIP Players can unlock Auto-Recycle. You can Recycle the Common and Uncommon Equipment automatically to save space of the Bag.