2018-04-04 09:53:50

1.There are two types of Talents: Basic and Advanced.

2.Basic Talents can constantly grow, increasing your ATK, HP, DEF and Damage.

3.Use Talent Books to activate Advanced Talents.


Talent Name                                   Talent Effect

AOE                                                  AOE’s max Targets +1

Advanced AOE                               AOE’s max Targets +2

Dexterity                                          Using Flash (press Space to Release), you’ll get a 3 seconds Acceleration Buff

Advanced Dexterity                        Using Flash (press Space to Release), you’ll become invincible for 2 seconds

Damage Reduction                        10% less Damage from AOE skills

Advanced Damage Reduction       When HP is over 50%, you’ll receive 10% less Damage

Special Attack                                  Deal +10% Damage to Boss monsters

Advanced Special Attack                Deal +10% Damage to Enemies with HP under 50%